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The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents
Foreward by Robert E. Kay, M.D.

Second Edition – iUniverse 2011, hardback, softcover, ebook.
First Edition – Contemporary Books (McGraw Hill) 1997, hard and softcover.

  • "This is a great parenting book for you or for you to recommend to your friends and family."

    The School Counselor, Service Division
  • "The voice is that of a wise parent sitting across the table and sharing her experience both as a parent and as a therapist."

    Chinaberry Children’s Book Service
  • "If you have let your children know by your own example, they will never be embarrassed to take the time they need to answer important questions."

    Rocky Mountain News
  • "A great parenting book for lawyers to recommend to their clients with children."

    Philadelphia Bar Reporter
  • "Gives you the core attitudes and beliefs that empower you to be a successful parent all the time."

    Barnes & Noble Events
  • "Rolfe expands with eloquent practicality on such 'secrets' as paying attention and expressing oneself."

    Publisher's Weekly
  • "A very good guide to basic, commonsense child-rearing. Highly recommended."

    Library Journal
  • "The best book we've ever seen on parent-child interactions."

    Denise Breton and Christopher Largent, authors of The Paradigm Conspiracy.
  • "Randy Rolfe deserves credit for being this generation’s Dr. Spock. Mothers and fathers should be issued a copy with the birth of every child. I realize over and over again how right Rolfe’s words have turned out to be."

    Main Line Today
  • "Randy Rolfe is one of the best experts to ever sit on our stage. As a parent, I think this book will benefit every parent who wants a clear, inspiring, and practical guide to success."

    Geraldo Rivera, host of Geraldo Rivera.

You Can Postpone Anything But Love –
Expanding Our Potential As Parents
Foreword by Perry Ottenberg, M.D.

Third Edition – iUniverse 2000, softcover and ebook.
Second Edition – Warner Books 1990.
First Edition – Ambassador Family Press 1985.

  • "This book conveys a feeling of reverence for childhood while providing workable answers to some tough questions."

    Home Education Magazine
  • "These 165 pages hold a wealth of material. Many of the topics are familiar, some of them I have never before seen explored in child-rearing literature."

    Mothering Magazine
  • "This wise and compassionate book can be of great value to parents who want to build a healthy self-image for their children."

    Susan Forward, author of Toxic Parents
  • "Solid, inspirational self-help for parents from a spiritual perspective not found in most parenting books."

    Publishers Weekly
  • "For parents who would like to raise good kids - a thoughtful book that covers a great deal."

    Washington Post
  • "The hot parenting book of the season! Worth its weight in gold!"

    Chinaberry Children’s Book Service
  • "This gentle book gets to the essence of what good parenting is all about. Rolfe’s message is simple but not simplistic. It reflects the ancient teaching that love is supreme. And it is practical."

    East West Journal

Adult Children Raising Children – How to Spare Your Child From Co-Dependency Without Being Perfect Yourself

Second Edition – iUniverse 2011, hardback, softcover, and ebook.
First Edition – Health Communications Inc. (HCI) 1990.

  • "Helps parents change their thinking patterns".

    The Trentonian
  • "Warmly written yet incisive."

    City Paper, Philadelphia
  • "Underscores a forgotten link in sensitive child-rearing - the parents' own childhood."


The Four Temperaments – A Rediscovery of the Ancient Way of Understanding Health and Character

Avalon Books – Marlowe & Co. 2002, softcover and ebook.

  • "Randy Rolfe shows how to make your natural tendencies work for you".

    Marie Claire Magazine
  • "The concept goes back at least as far as the Golden Age of Greece. This book provides useful guidance to living in harmony with one’s own nature."

    NAPRA Review
  • "Rolfe’s passionate examination of the role and function of the four temperaments in life translates into half handbook, half treatise. Recommended".

    Library Journal

Mothers Losing Mothers:
Comfort and Reassurance in Your Time of Loss

Ambassador Family Press 2012, softcover and ebook.

  • "Mothers Losing Mothers is like a hug from your mother."

    Lorraine Kinslow, mother, daughter, entrepreneur

The True Secret to Weight Loss Is Energy: How to Forget about Dieting, Restore Your Natural Energy, and Attain Your Ideal Weight

Ambassador Family Press 2012, softcover and ebook.

The Affirmations Book for Sharing
Coauthor John Rolfe

Health Communications Inc. (HCI) 1991.

  • "Every page has a message. People carry the books with them or keep them by their bedside. They’re really for support."

    The Mercury
  • "This is a book designed for a couple to read back and forth, nurturing the relationship through affirmations. This is a good tool for professionals and partners who want to develop better communication skills."

    The Twelve Step Times

Princess Buttercup The Cat’s Cross-Country Road Trip #3
By Princess Buttercup, coauthored with Randy and John Rolfe

Ambassador Family Press 2012, softcover and ebook.

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life
Coauthored with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, and others

Selected and edited by David Riklan

Volume 3, Self-Improvement Online 2007

Other Print Publications

“When You’re the Only One in Recovery,” Health Communications, Inc. (HCI), booklet.

Numerous articles for popular magazines, including Harper’s; Changes; Macromuse; and Connexions.

Several syndicated newspaper columns, including “Food Sense” and “Family Relationships.”

You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

Motherhood Tools
Additional tools for successful mothers and much more.


Parenthood Tools
Additional tools for successful parents and much more.