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Randy Rolfe has been sharing great advice with other parents ever since she became a parent herself. After years of study, observation, introspection, and personal experiences as a parent, she founded the Institute for Creative Solutions to help parents navigate all the challenges facing today’s families. What she likes best is getting to the core of an issue, helping a parent with a new perspective, greater confidence, and new tools for triumphing in adversity and enjoying and celebrating all the good times families can share.

Please contact Randy to get details about arranging a conference call or video chat with her and to learn about the counseling programs she has available.

Randy and her husband John are also the creators of the “Life Balance Superstar Makeover Program,” where she coaches people to improve their health, increase their income, and get more time for family and fun, all in record time, with small simple steps which don’t interfere with their current lifestyle.

In fact, she and her husband have lived as Life Balance Superstars™ for over 30 years, and now they are eager to share this information with as many people as possible. And here’s why. They want to help people around the world to enjoy the kind of happiness and health which they have been enjoying.

That’s why they have put together the Life Balance Superstar Makeover Program, so that people can apply the steps which Randy and John have found to help the most for the thousands of people they have mentored to enjoy improved family life, parenting, natural wellness, business success, and positive faith. Please contact Randy to learn more about this dynamic new program.

Also, be sure to visit Randy’s websites on motherhood and parenthood, linked below now in development, soon to go live.

You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

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