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Do you want a dynamic speaker whose credentials are only surpassed by her wealth of experience and whose warm and wise manner appeals to groups of all ages and stages?

Randy-speaking2You will be glad you invited Randy to speak to your organization! Her presentations are always instructive, inspiring, authentic, and straight from the heart. She has lived everything she recommends and loves helping audiences find the core truths that lead to solutions for their challenges, from trouble with relationships or parenting to preventing or recovering from health challenges, to finding life balance, life meaning, and happiness.
Randy has touched millions of lives through her hundreds of radio and TV appearances. She has benefited tens of thousands of people through her books, her workshops, and her “Family First” radio show, and she has improved the lives of thousands of families through her counseling, courses, and seminars.
See below for some of Randy’s speaking topics.

Randy is a master researcher and implementer. Everything she advocates has been thoroughly researched and implemented in her own life, personally tried, tested, and proven. Her focus is to prevent problems before they start, whether in marriage, parenting, health, life balance, business, law, or world affairs. Her approach has been to combine multiple fields to discover what it really takes to live a happy, healthy, loving, and long life. Her studies have included law, theology, nutrition, family life, international affairs, personal image, and entrepreneurship. First focusing on benefitting her own family, she found others wanted to know what she was doing that worked so well, and before she knew it she was inspiring and instructing others in all matters relating to family, wellness, and life balance.

Randy’s presentations sparkle with her own personal experiences as a first-born daughter, student, wife, mother, attorney, teacher, counselor, therapist, TV guest, radio host, beauty pageant winner, world traveler, theologian, homesteader, entrepreneur, swimmer, ping-pong player, and ballroom dancer! The personal mottos she lives by every day are: “You can postpone anything but love;”TM “Healthy people, healthy planet,” and “Family is the future.” Her presentations excel in linking the big picture of our core beliefs and values with the everyday practical challenges of being a person, a spouse, a parent, and an active participant in the community. Below is a sample of Randy’s favorite speaking topics.


Randy has presented to corporations, professional associations, educational institutions, charities, churches, and community groups of every kind. Some examples are included below.


Examples of corporate venues include: American Electronics Laboratories; Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company; Penn Mutual Insurance Company; E.I. DuPont; Kraft Foods; Corestates First Pennsylvania Bank; and Johnson & Massey.


Examples of professional associations include: National Management Association; Pennsylvania Bar Association; Adolescent Counselor; Professional and Business Network; Women’s Referral Network.


Examples of educational venues include: Parent University, Lake Zurich IL; Rosemont College Holistic Health Conferences; John Robert Powers Modeling School; Evesham Township Schools; Philadelphia School District; The Henry Thoreau Society; Villanova Law School Symposiums; Patristics, Medieval and Renaissance Conference, Villanova University.


International venue examples include: Soviet/American Conference on Peace, Children & the Environment, sponsored by USSR first lady Raisa Gorbachev; Nutrition Workshop, Toronto; Native American Reservation at Akwesasne.

Some of Randy’s speaking topics include:

The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents

The Five Steps to Creating a Life of Balance and Abundance

How to Succeed in any College Course

The True Secret to Weight Loss that They Don’t Want You to Know

Why Opposites Attract and Drive You Crazy

How to Deal with Difficult People

What Do Shakespeare and Good Leaders Have in Common?

The Five Steps to Living at Your Personal Best

Are You Meant for Entrepreneurship?

How to Write What You Think

From Tragedy to Triumph – What It Means to Lose Your Mother

How to Break Out of Old Patterns for the Sake of Your Children and Yourself

Reinventing Family

The Six Essential Steps to Creating a Healthy Home Environment

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The Legacy of Scott and Helen Nearing

Success with Home Education

No Matter Where You Are or What You Do, Pick Your Battles

How to Start in the Right Place

The Three Keys to a Long-Lasting Happy Marriage

You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

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