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Randy’s mission is to increase people’s awareness of how small choices they make every day have huge effects on their health and happiness.

Her passion to help create healthy happy families began when her travels with her family in over 29 countries before she reached age 20 convinced her that all peoples share common goals for their families and that a better world could be created by helping all families to thrive.

After a successful career as a lawyer, Randy founded the Institute for Creative Solutions to pursue her passion. She wrote her first book You Can Postpone Anything But Love in 1985, followed by many more books on topics touching on family life and health. She soon became a sought after media guest. Eager to combine all fields affecting families, she has a master’s degree in theology, a certificate in clinical nutrition, and over 25 years as a family counselor, coach, educator, and home-based wellness entrepreneur. Enjoy Randy’s many valuable self-help books, her many informative interviews with other parenting experts in the resources section, and her helpful interactive websites linked below.

She and her husband John Rolfe, artist and author, have a son and daughter now grown, and two grandchildren. They have homes in Pennsylvania and California and enjoy swimming, walking, hiking, skiing, ping pong, ballroom dancing, travel, reading, entertaining, and international cuisine.

Randy’s story as a business entrepreneur was also featured in the GoSolo interview series.

A History of Firsts

Randy stays at the cutting edge of everything she undertakes. The press has variously described her as “A True Renaissance Woman,” “This Generation’s Dr. Spock,” “Popular Television Therapist,” and “Queen of Life Balance.” She was one of just 12 women in her first year law school class at the University of Virginia School of Law in 1971 and was in the top 10% of her class. When she transferred to Villanova University School of Law, she was one of just 25 women in her graduating class, again in the top 10%, and was the only woman then serving on the Villanova Law Review Administrative Board.

She was the first woman ever employed by the law firm where she started practice, one of Philadelphia’s top 10 law firms. She pioneered the legal basis for the now well-known concept of pollution credits trading. She was among the very first authors, long before desktop publishing, to self-publish a book. She marketed it independently and had three top publishers bidding for it when she chose Warner. She was one of the first 3 women to ever serve on the faculty of Villanova University School of Law. She was among the first in her generation to move “back to the land” and try independent living as a “homesteader.”

An early leader in the homeschool movement, she was instrumental in developing the legislation legalizing homeschooling across Pennsylvania. She was also a leader in the defense of indigenous people’s rights in upstate New York. Randy was one of the first women over the age of 40 to compete in Pennsylvania state beauty pageants, and she won the title of Mrs. Pennsylvania-America 1993, Second Runner-Up, inspiring many more mature women to share their beauty and accomplishments in competition. She has also been a pioneer in the wellness movement, and since 1971 has given hundreds of lectures and courses on natural living. Randy is also one of very few women among top professional and motivational speakers.

Though she has broken through many barriers, this has not been her focus. Instead, she has forged ahead believing that each of us can achieve all we desire, and that persistence, faith, and sharing our vision with others can get us where we want to go. Enjoy Randy’s many valuable self-help books, her many informative interviews with other parenting experts in the resources section, and her helpful interactive websites linked below.

Randy seeks to create a better world by helping thousands of families to enjoy prepared, holistic, responsive, and spiritual parenting, with focus on natural living and loving relationships.


Founder and President of the Institute for Creative Solutions, Chester County PA. Since 1985. Providing speaking, courses, seminars, and counseling on parenting, marriage, and family health.

Faculty of Villanova Law School, founding instructor for the Legal Writing Program. 1982-83.

Attorney with Rubin, Quinn Moss & Girard-diCarlo. 1981-82.

Legal Counsel, Air Management Services, Philadelphia Department of Public Health.1980-81.

Attorney, Litigation Department, Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads. 1972-75.

Admitted to practice in PA, NY, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Television News Assignment Editor, WWBT-TV Richmond VA. 1969-70.

Independent Consultant with Nikken, Inc., global leader in health technologies. Since 1997.

Professional Speaker and National Conference Trainer for U.S. Journal Training. 1990-95.

Guest Lecturer at Temple University; St. Lawrence University; Clarkson College and others.


JD, Villanova Law School 1973. Editor and Administrative Board, Villanova Law Review. Research Assistant to Professor William D. Valente, for textbook, Local Government.

Attended University of Virginia School of Law 1970-71. International Law Review.

MA, Theology, Villanova University 1998. With Commendation. Research Fellow to Faculty.

BA, University of Pennsylvania 1969. International Relations Major. Magna Cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu (for Social Science).

Graduate of Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, 1965. Phi Beta Kappa Award; Physics Award.

Post-graduate study, various clinics and colleges, in clinical nutrition and natural health 1978-89.

Travel in 29 countries on 6 continents, 12 summers 1957-68.

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Randy has spent more than three decades researching, testing, applying, and then teaching ways to get back to the basics of living a healthy, happy, rewarding, balanced life. You can too with the help of her delightfully enriching books.


You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

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