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Randy has been described as one of the “popular TV therapists” during the heyday of network television talk shows. Geraldo Rivera named her “one of the best guest experts to ever sit on our stage.” Her publicity agent called her a GGG, “guaranteed good guest.” She loves interviews, both as guest and as host! She particularly enjoys answering questions, with practical and highly effective insights. Her caring for people, her thoughtful wisdom, and her optimism about the human enterprise always come through. She has also hosted her own one-hour weekly online interview program, “Family First,” where she focused on the expertise of one guest each week to explore in depth their knowledge and wisdom to help families thrive. Please visit the Resource page to listen to these powerful archived interviews on podcast.

To invite Randy as a guest, as an expert resource, or for other media inquiries, please visit www.expertclick.com, or email us at randyrolfe@randyrolfe.com.



TV Talk Shows
  • “Geraldo” (20 times)
  • “Sally Jessy Raphael” (6 times)
  • “Maury Povich” (3 times)
  • “Montel Williams” (2 times)
  • “Gordon Elliott” (6 times)
  • “Ricki Lake” (3 times)
  • “Rolanda” (2 times)
  • “Tom Snyder Show,” WABC-LA
  • “Camilla Scott,” Toronto, Canada
  • “Charles Perez”
  • “Jane Pratt”
  • “Cover to Cover,” Gail King, NBC- News
  • “Attitudes,” Jerry Penacoli, Lifetime Cable
  • “Sonya Live in LA!” CNN.
  • “Good Company, ” KSTP, Minneapolis
  • “News At Noon,” KIRO, Seattle
  • “People Are Talking,” WWOR, Secaucus
  • “There Is A Way,” KESQ, Palm Springs
  • “To Your Health,” Bernard Furshpan, Group W Cable, NY
  • “Frankly Speaking,” Bernice Perry, Cable, NY
  • “Persson To People,” CTN Storer Cable, Eatontown, NJ
  • “Good Morning,” Linda Munich, WPVI, Phila (2 times)
  • CN8 (2 times)
Radio (partial listing)
  • “Midday” with Karen Kelly, KXLY News 92, Spokane, WA
  • “Dick Rosse,” NBC, Wash. DC
  • “Newsweek on the Air,” David Alperin, WNY.
  • “Jim Chenevey Show,” KKHR – LA
  • “All About Kids,” Millie Berg, WDVT – Phila
  • “Off the Streets,” Covenant House, Sat. Radio Net. (twice)
  • “On The Line,” Joanie Carley, WRTI – Phila (twice)
  • “Philadelphia Futures,” Peter Solomon, WIP (twice)
  • “Talking Sense,” KUOM – Minneapolis
  • “Weekend Northwest,” KIRO – Seattle
  • “Mike CollinsShow,” WFIR – Roanoke
  • “Bob Lee Show,” KSL – Salt Lake City
  • “Louise Collins Show,” WBUX – Newtown, PA
  • “Yvonne Kaye Show,” WWDB – Phila (call-ins).
  • “Giant Carrotman Show,” WCHE – West Chester, PA (regular feature weekly, 1990 to 1995)
  • “Lyn Sturdivant Show,” WMGK and WPEN – Phila
  • “The Family,” Peter Solomon, WMMR – Phila
  • “John Schiver Show,” WFIR – Roanoke
  • “Healthline,” Harold Magaziner, WIP – Phila (three times)
  • “Sidewalk Talk,” Gina Davis, KPWR – LA
  • “Jim Bickell Show,” KING – Seattle
  • “Jeff Spurgeon Show,” WGBB – Merrick, NY.
  • “Stan Gibell Show,” WDVT – Phila
  • “Johny Meister Show,” Radio Info. Ctr. For The Blind, Phila
  • “Speakers’ Corner,” Janice Booker, WIBF -Jenkintown, PA
  • “Women’s Consciousness Raising Hour,” Djuna Wojton, WXPN – Phila and WLPA -Lancaster (twice).
  • “Woman of the 90’s,” Bonnie O’Neill, WWBZ – Gloucester, NJ
  • “Healthy Living,” Dr. Suzanne Gelb, KTUH -Honolulu
  • “Family Affair,” WNSR – NY
  • “Q-Spectives,” WIOQ – Phila
  • “On The Line,” with Stephanie Lowe, WRTI – Phila
  • WSPD Radio News, Toledo, Ohio, on Communications Week
  • “Newstalk,” Robin Hardin, on The Family Today, WCHB
  • “Working Mom on theRun,” Debbie Nigro, New York City
  • “Family Files,” Ellen Ciurczak, KDBS – San Francisco
  • “Morning Show,” Glenn Kalina, WIOQ -Phila
  • “Public Affairs Show,” Valerie LaVigna, WIOQ-Phila
  • “Full Power Living,” Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W., www.worldtalkradio.com.
  • “Good Doctor,” Dr. Steve Karp, WCOJ – West Chester PA
  • “Workplace Wisdom,” Michelle Drake, CN
  • “Natalie’s Club,” Natalie Weinstein, WALK Radio 1370 AM – Long Island
  • “Total Tutor,” Neil Haley, Total Tutor network (multiple times)
  • “Empowered Healer,” Susan Allison, PhD, www.voiceamerica.com
  • “Arts in the Valley,” Kim McMillon, KYOS, Merced CA (twice)
Print Editorial (partial listing)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (feature profile)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer, Denise Cashon
  • Publishers Weekly (Paul Nathan)
  • Publishers Weekly (photo with coverage of ABA)
  • Marie Claire (feature article)
  • Woman’s Day, Sherry Amatenstein
  • McCall’s
  • Beautiful Brides (Woman’s Day), Stephanie Grossadeal
  • Jump
  • Harper’s (reprint of article from Changes)
  • Executive Female, Lyn Gaines
  • IWWG Newsletter, Hannelore Hahn (profile)
  • Fingerlakes Times, Linda LeClair
  • Bell Magazine, Eileen Whitehead
  • Indianapolis Sun
  • Changes Magazine, Jan Johnson
  • Lexington Herald Leader, Tonya tyler
  • MetroTimes, Deb Simley
  • Daily Local News (feature)
  • Delaware County NewsTown Talk, Janet York
  • Main Line Life
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, Peggy Townsend
  • Detroit News, Carol Stevens
  • Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Tom Johannigsmeyer
  • Soap Opera Update
  • The Trentonian
  • East West Jounral
  • Mothering Magazine
    Washington Times
    Business 202
    Atwater-Winton Times, Beverly Rankin Barela (two profiles)

www.MyMommysPlace.com (and hundreds of other on-line reviews)

Randy’s books are often quoted by other book authors and are listed in many book bibliographies: See www.Amazon.com/RandyRolfe

Healthy Dietary Habits for the Holidays – The Francesca Luca Show

Randy was on the Francesca Luca Show, speaking on “Healthy Dietary Habits for the Holidays,” and her new book, The Single Ingredient Diet: Transform Your Relationship to Food in Just 21 Days.

Suggested Interview Questions:


  1. What is the key to a successful parenting-child relationship?
  2. What do you think is the biggest challenge for parents today?
  3. What are the major trends you have seen over the more than 25 years you have been counseling parents?
  4. What is the most important thing parents need to know about their child?
  5. How does your approach differ from most parenting advice?
  6. If a parent feels their child is not behaving as she or he should what do you recommend?
  7. Why do you say that many middle class and even upper middle class families are not meeting their child’s basic needs?
  8. For two parents employed outside the home or for single parents, what are the most important priorities when they are with their children?
  9. What is the impact of the digital age on kids and what kind of authority should parents exert about video screen time?
  10. What can be done to help children who are being labeled, remediated, and often medicated because of trouble with schoolwork?
  11. What are the seven secrets for successful parents which you describe in your book?
  12. What are the 5 things a parent should never say to her or his child?


  1. What is the most important thing people need to know about nutrition today?
  2. What is the biggest mistake people make in their daily eating habits?
  3. Why can when you be almost as important as what you eat?
  4. Why do you say eating organic is so important?
  5. What can people do about the extra cost of organic foods?
  6. How can busy people take the time to read all the labels and figure out what the labels really mean?
  7. What can be done about our epidemic of obesity?
  8. How does your approach to weight gain differ from all the other diets and fitness programs out there?
  9. What can parents do when they see that their child is on a track to becoming serious overweight?
  10. What are the first five steps that one should take to improve their wellness profile?
  11. How long does it take to actually see improvement, like in weight loss, mood, resistance to disease, fewer headaches, sore muscles, or upset stomach?
  12. What are the 6 foods we should never eat?


  1. With the multiple stresses people are under today, is is reasonable to strive for a life of balance?
  2. What is the biggest threat to our attaining life balance and happiness?
  3. How can you avoid spending a lifetime discovering what truly makes you happy and empowers you to find balance in your life?
  4. Would you describe the four personality types and body shapes which you say date back thousands of years and can still help us to know ourselves better?
  5. What are the 3 crucial relationships which we need to be aware of every day?
  6. Is the digital age a good thing or a bad thing for bringing us closer to life balance?
  7. What are the 5 critical lifestyle factors we should look at to bring more balance into our lives?
  8. How do we lower the stress from relationships which we can’t or don’t want to give up, like spouse, family, coworkers, or boss?
  9. Why is getting out in nature and respecting our natural rhythms so important?
  10. What is the 3 most important factors in the success of a marriage?
  11. How does the new science relating to the brain help us to bring more balance and happiness into our lives?
  12. How long dies it take to reassess your situation and make a real difference in how you feel about your life?

You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

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