I just celebrated my 73rd birthday and I want to share with you my secret. It’s the Ultimate Wellness Home from Nikken. My family and I have been using Nikken products for over 23 years and we credit these amazing products with helping to keep us healthy, youthful, disease resistant, flexible, and strong in body and mind. The Nikken philosophy is one of total active wellness and is based on the ancient Japanese concept of balance. The patented, non-medical technologies from Nikken use up-to-date science to replicate the forces of nature which support vibrant living, including pure water, pure air, pure food, restful sleep, and the relaxing and restorative energies of earth and sun. The video below is an hour seminar to show you how you can optimize your lifelong wellness, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqiyoEPYrg8. No hype, just a great overview of this phenomenal resource for preventative health. (You will hear my own story at minute 9:15.) I have been introducing customers to these products since 1997 and invite you to contact me to see how you can benefit from Nikken. Email me at randyrolfe@randyrolfe.com with “wellness” in the subject line, or go now to my Nikken shopping cart at https://www.nikken.com/na/randyrolfe.

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