My husband and I just drove across country in 5 days, after spending 5 months staying at home at our place in Monterey California. We were fortunate to be able to walk on the beach almost every day, except when the city closed the beaches on sunny weekends when they expected too many people.
We picnicked in our hotel room with food we had brought with us and used the digital registration and keying options. It was an adventure!
And along the way we heard about so many families stuck at home who were adding 10 to 15 pounds because of changed routines, stress, availability of favorite snacks and poor sleep with so many new concerns.
My husband and I actually lost weight, to our surprise, and decided it must be because we weren’t eating out for dinner once a week as usual at one of Monterey’s awesome restaurants.
We are of a generation who heard:
“Don’t eat between meals” and
“Sugary and salty snacks aren’t healthy,”
So neither of us ever adopted a habit of eating between meals. And today we tend to eat just two meals a day! A hearty breakfast around 8:30 and a two or three course dinner around 5:30.
This schedule may sound strange to most people…
But I developed a love of preparing foods as a hobby while I was in law school, and my husband is happy to wait for my creations.
Likewise, because I have been studying and teaching nutrition for over 30 years, we have kept ourselves healthy and have enjoyed steady energy throughout the day.
So we don’t get “snack attacks” or hunger pangs between our meals. Instead we enjoy having so much time during our work day to get things done!
If energy or concentration flags a bit, a nice glass of cool purified water from our special water filter is all that’s needed.
This sounds like the opposite of a popular notion that six meals is better than three!
But six small meals is meant to keep the blood sugar more even for people whose blood chemistry tends to get out of balance. It’s not an excuse for frequent eating.
There are many cultures where one meal a day is not uncommon!
My grandmother’s favorite poem had a line that had a cave man saying, “And we will eat three times a day without a natural cause.”
And now we are hearing about “intermittent fasting” as the newest fad!
That’s actually what everyone has been doing all along for centuries, until …
Midnight raids on the fridge became a thing,
“Grazing” got popularized in the busy 1990s, and
Food available everywhere became the American norm.
But when you’re eating right for your temperament, a need to snack is rare, as is low or high blood sugar.
My husband and I are opposite temperament types and yet we have no problem living together happily while we match our eating and lifestyle choices to keep our individual metabolisms, and moods, in good balance.
If you are interested in my course which shows you all the details about eating right for your type, just send me an email. I am relaunching it now at a higher price, but it is still amazingly reasonable considering all that it offers you and what a difference it can make for your life and health.
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