It is seldom mentioned or even thought about, but much of our food is irradiated.Irradiated food is supposed to be labelled as such, but in restaurants or processed foods with several ingredients, you will never know.

And yet there are some major questions about its safely. There are no long term studies to determine whether there are harmful consequences. Animal studies have shown an increase in chronic degenerative diseases.

Irradiation creates URPs, which are “unique radiolytic products.” These are a result of the free radicals created by using X-rays, electron beams, or nuclear exposure. The stated purpose is to discourage pathogenic microbes which may be in the food.

But the process does not destroy them all, and the free radicals can combine in unpredictable ways with pesticides and other chemicals and produce serious toxins like formaldehyde and benzene.

The process was encouraged mainly by the nuclear power industry to work its way into the food industry to make the nuclear waste from the power plants a part of the food processing process.

Though the food is not actually radioactive, still, is this really what we want to be eating?

Watch this video for more details.

Randy’s Take Home Tips: This is another reason to buy foods marked as organic. Foods labeled USDA Organic, or with other organic certifications are not supposed to have been irradiated. Even spices and herbs need to be organic, because if not, there is a high likelihood they have been irradiated.

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