Thank you for visiting my blog on I am on a big push to reach more people with the message of how to create healthy happy families, as the basic building blocks of a healthier happier world. This is my life’s work, and with the digital communication revolution I can reach so many more people, as long as I educate myself about how to use the tools!

Two and a half months ago, I started an almost daily blog on my YouTube channel, about “Vibrant Health through Natural Living,” which I post on my Facebook page by the same name. I am excited about how many people are viewing it!

I have also had some great people create two other websites, which you can access at the bottom of the home page, focused specifically on tools for parenthood and tools for motherhood. I am just getting started on the habit of blogging for those websites, but already they have many great tips for parents, and for mothers in particular, how to stay grounded and healthy yourself so that you can give your all without burn-out.

I have also affiliated myself with a fantastic company whose sole purpose since its founding has been to create wellness

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